Changes in the locations of the After-Hourse GP clinics

The new GP clinic at MCH Westeinde Hospital (for urgent medical care outside office hours) opened on 4 February 2013. It is expected that the GP clinic at the Bronovo Hospital will be vlosed by April 2013. From January 2012, the GP clinic Bronovo is already closed during the night. For urgent medical assistance overnight, you can visit the GP clinic at the Haga Leyenburg Hospital (first call 070-3469669!).

Practice holidays / training days

Due to practice holidays, the practice is closed from Thursday 21 February till Friday 1 March 2013.

The Influenza (flu) vaccination

The yearly flu vaccination will be held in October 2013. If you qualify for the flu vaccination, you will receive an invitation (within the end of September). This year, the vaccine contains a coktail of the influenza virus and the H1N1 (swine flu) virus, so you only have to receive one vaccination. Do you think you qualify for the vaccination and you didn't receive an invitation, please contact the practice.



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